Ukraine's membership in EU must be absolute reality - Zelenskiy

STORY: “Because this Russian war against Ukraine was planned as a prelude to a hit on a united Europe. More unification is a powerful response. And that is why Ukraine's membership in the European Union must be an absolute reality,” Zelenskiy said.

Zelenskiy added that the rebuilding of Ukraine should be a historic example and investments from other countries will mean that millions of Ukrainians who were forced to leave by the war will be able to return home.

“We offer our partners, civilized and responsible countries, to take patronage over those regions, over those cities and over those sectors of Ukraine which have been affected by the war launched by Russia”, Zelenskiy added.

The conference, aimed at helping Ukraine deal with the economic and humanitarian fallout of Russia's invasion, is hosted by Poland and Sweden, in cooperation with the Presidents of the European Commission and the European Council.

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