Ukraine's ladybug fan breaks her own Guinness record

This is Ukraine's literal ladybug

Location: Dnipro

"I find ladybug-themed items everywhere, but they also find me ... some on the internet, friends give them as presents. But there were also funny stories. For instance, I was walking one evening, there was heavy rain, it was dark and I stepped on something. If I tell this story, people will think it is a joke. I bent down and picked it up. And it was a plastic package with wooden ladybug inside. The stick to which the ladybug was attached was broken, but the ladybug was in good condition. God literally threw it to my feet. It seems ladybugs find me."

Komarova owns over 20,000 ladybug-themed items

She may boast the world's biggest

but her collection isn't quite complete

"There are many interesting exhibits in the collection. For instance, here is my favorite timer, my mobile phone, my favorite clutch. People ask if my collection is complete. No, it is not complete yet. I have a dream. I was shown a red Volkswagen Beetle. And I think if I could style it as a ladybug, then my collection would be complete."

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