Ukraine says it arrested a Russian agent planning attacks

Security service spokesman Artem Dehtyarenko, whose voice can be heard narrating the video, said, "Security service officers uncovered an agent of Russian military intelligence who planned a series of terrorist acts in Odessa region. Suspect was detained when he was recruiting a perpetrator for future crimes. According to SBU information, agent is a foreigner who periodically visited Ukraine upon tasks of the Russian special services. His curators were representatives of the Russian military intelligence who act from the territory of non-recognized Transdniestria republic. Criminal's main task was to shake up the political situation in the Odessa region through sabotage."

Officials at Russia's foreign and defense ministries did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kyiv, Washington and Western capitals have raised concerns about a Russian troop buildup near Ukraine and the possibility of an invasion.

U.S. and Russian officials convened for talks in Geneva on Monday to try to deescalate the crisis.

Moscow has denied planning an attack and accused Ukraine and NATO of fomenting tensions, demanding that the US-led alliance guarantees it will not grant Kiev membership.

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