Ukraine, Russia interested in Zaporizhzhia protection zone - IAEA

STORY: Both countries are engaging with the International Atomic Energy Agency and asking many questions about the idea, which is aimed at preventing military activities like shelling that has damaged the plant's power lines and jeopardized its security, Grossi told a news conference.

"What I see is two sides that are engaging with us, that are asking questions, lots of question," he said when asked about the progress of talks with Russia and Ukraine on the zone.

Russia and Ukraine have blamed each other for shelling at the site of Europe's biggest nuclear power plant that has damaged buildings close to its six reactors and risked nuclear catastrophe, including by cutting power lines essential to cooling fuel in the reactors even though they are all shut down.

"Basically, it's a commitment that no military action will include or will imply aiming, of course, at the plant, or a radius that could be affecting its normal operation. This is what we expect," said Grossi.