Ukraine will remove the concept of ‘partially fit for duty’ from conscription norms

People who were previously recognized as
People who were previously recognized as "limited fit" will be able to serve in combat brigades

People with limited capabilities for military service will undergo a second medical examination and may be declared fit or unfit for duty, MP Fedir Venislavsky said on national TV on March 23.

On March 21, Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, adopted a bill on ensuring the rights of military personnel and police officers are protected. The new law provides for repeated medical examination within nine months for citizens who had previously been registered as "partially fit for duty” by military medical commission boards, and removes the concept of “partially fit for duty” from Ukrainian legislation entirely.

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The new legislation also stipulates that in case of death of a serviceman, his family will receive a cash payment of UAH 15 million ($386,000).

"When we put things in order and clearly define who can serve in the military and who cannot, [those that pass] can be drafted and fill vacant positions in combat units and brigades," said the MP.

Earlier, Deputy Defense Minister Natalia Kalmykova said that servicemembers who were found to be "partially fit" for military service would have to undergo a second medical examination.

According to her, both the military, and servicemember families, lobbied parliament to resolve this issue.

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