Ukraine looks to reopen select airports — Kyiv official

Boryspil Airport, February 24, 2012
Boryspil Airport, February 24, 2012

Ukraine is working with its international partners to resume air travel to and from Kyiv and Lviv, with Boryspil Airport remaining the top priority, Deputy Head of the President's Office Rostyslav Shurma said during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Reuters reported on Jan. 18.

Speaking about the timeline for restoring air travel services, Shurma noted that Ukraine has and "internal roadmap and schedule," without providing any more details.

“I don't want to create over-expectations ... but I can tell you we are working very intensively to recover the air connection in Ukraine,” the official said.

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He added that reopening the Boryspil International Airport near Kyiv or another airport in Lviv is currently under consideration, with Boryspil being the priority.

According to Shurma, Kyiv is consulting with Israeli colleagues regarding technical conditions to ensure the air connection can be restored.

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“We need to get approvals from the IATA [International Air Transport Association] and FAA [the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration] which is not an easy case,” he continues.

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“And it depends more on the bold decisions of international partners that we believe we'll get.”

On Dec. 19, 2023, a Boeing 777-300 of the Ukrainian airline Skyline Express took off from Boryspil International Airport for a technical flight.

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