Ukraine informs White House that Zaluzhnyi will be dismissed – report

Valeriy Zaluzhnyi and Volodymyr Zelenskii
Valeriy Zaluzhnyi and Volodymyr Zelenskii

The Ukrainian government has informed the United States that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has decided to dismiss Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi, The Washington Post reported on Feb. 2, citing two sources.

According to the report, the White House “did not support or object to” the decision, recognizing it as the sovereign right of the Ukrainian president.

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“The early warning also provided the White House an opportunity to urge Zelensky to reconsider the pivotal decision — even though it decided against doing so,” the article reads.

The journalists refer to unnamed "people familiar with Zelenskyy's thinking" who say that the president may postpone the decision indefinitely, but this is unlikely. There is currently no official decree on Zaluzhnyi’s dismissal.

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Media reports on Jan. 29 speculated about Zaluzhnyi's potential firing as Armed Forces Chief, which the Defense Ministry promptly denied. Zelenskyy's spokesperson, Sergii Nykyforov, also refuted these reports, while the President didn’t raise the situation in his daily evening address.

Zaluzhnyi was offered the position of secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, but refused, The Economist reported. Zelenskyy planned to dismiss Zaluzhnyi but changed his decision after the information leaked to the media, The New York Times wrote.

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The Washington Post reported that the reason for the possible ousting was disagreements that arose from different views on mobilization in Ukraine.

The tense relationship between Zelenskyy and Zaluzhnyi was reported by Ukrainska Pravda on Dec. 4. Zelenskyy was leaning toward replacing Zaluzhnyi following a visit to Kyiv by Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin, a member of Ukraine’s Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff commented in the article.

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