Ukraine faces air defense crisis as systems take heavy toll fending off Russian missiles – NYT

Military equipment of the Defense Forces
Military equipment of the Defense Forces

Without a resupply, Ukraine's air defense system will last only until next month, The New York Times reported on Feb. 9, citing U.S. officials.

The newspaper's sources said that Ukraine is currently facing military problems that "go beyond any single battle."

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"Ukrainian troops are exhausted, lacking weapons and ammunition," the article says.

“Air defense systems, crucial to protecting civilians from Russian missiles, are steadily depleted by repeated bombardments.”

According to U.S. officials, without replenishment, Ukraine's air defense capabilities will last only until next month.

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The Financial Times reported earlier, citing American and European officers, that Ukraine is facing a critical shortage of Western artillery ammunition needed to counter Russian attacks. U.S. aid is running out, and Europe is unable to meet its own goals of increasing arms production.

The U.S. Senate voted on Feb. 8 to further discuss a new bill to provide Ukraine with additional funds in the amount of $60 billion. This offers some hope for a breakthrough in providing more lethal weapons, but Congressional support is not unequivocal.

Western officials warn that Ukraine's ability to fight will be diminished in the coming months due to a lack of resources. At the same time, Russia is already using its superiority to make gains in key locations, including the strategic town of Avdiivka.

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