Ukraine’s Air Force comments on footage of Su-17 flying ‘over Ukraine’

Su-22 aircraft
Su-22 aircraft

Video footage depicting a Su-17 fighter jet flying over a man in military uniform sparked widespread discussions online. Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson, Yuriy Ihnat, has denied any knowledge of the aircraft being in service on national television on Nov. 13.

The exact time and location of the video remain unknown, prompting speculation that it might be in Ukraine.

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Defenсe Express publication pointed out several discrepancies in the footage on Nov. 12. It is difficult to make out the rondel of the jet on the video, the weather conditions do not align with recent patterns in Ukraine, and the distinct trail in the sky rather resembles that of a civilian aircraft in a tranquil sky. The journalists suggested that the footage might have been captured in Poland, where such aircraft are in service.

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“I don't know, personally; various options have been considered, including the Su-22 [Su-17 variant],” said Ihnat.

“Everything [in service] within neighboring countries, within our allies, was taken into account, including the potential provision of helicopters, some of which are Soviet-made, to expedite assistance to Ukraine. However, as for the Su-22, no concrete information is available."

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Ignat further elaborated that the Su-17 is essentially the same aircraft as the Su-24 but equipped with a single engine. Capable of carrying cruise missiles and other aviation armaments, these fighters would necessitate Ukrainian pilots’ retraining.

In May, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Poland has handed over nearly all of its MiG-29s fighter jets to Ukraine and is ready to continue doing so.

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