Ukraine’s 2024 education vouchers — number issued and top professions in high demand

Employment Center
Employment Center

Over 1,700 Ukrainians have already received state-funded education vouchers as of Feb. 13, 2024, the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine said in a press release.

An education voucher is a document that grants certain categories of citizens the right to free education in specified professions and specialties at educational institutions.

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The most sought-after specialties and professions being pursued by Ukrainians with these vouchers include:

●     Nursing

●     Cook

●     Preschool education

●     Medicine

●     Tractor driver

●     Driver

●     Emergency medical technician

●     Loader driver

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As per the Procedure for issuing vouchers to support the competitiveness of certain categories of citizens in the labor market, approved by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers on March 20, 2013, No. 207, the following persons have the one-time right to receive a voucher:

●     Citizens aged 45 and over with an insurance record of at least 15 years, before reaching the retirement age established by law.

●     Individuals dismissed from service in various entities (Internal Affairs, State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection, civil protection entities, tax police, Economic Security Bureau, or State Criminal-Executive Service) due to downsizing or health reasons before reaching the retirement age, with at least 10 years of service.

●     Individuals dismissed from military service, before reaching the retirement age and applying within three years from the date of dismissal.

●     Internally displaced persons of working age in the absence of suitable work.

●     Persons who have been deprived of their liberty as a result of armed aggression against Ukraine, after their release.

●     Persons with disabilities in the absence of suitable work.

●     Persons who, during the martial law period in Ukraine, received injuries, contusions, mutilations, or illnesses as a result of military aggression, while being directly in the areas of hostilities, if they have relevant recommendations in the individual rehabilitation plan, regardless of whether they have been granted a disability.

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All applicants must possess vocational, technical, specialized pre-higher, or higher education and should not be registered with the employment service as unemployed.

The cost of the voucher cannot exceed ten times the subsistence level for working-age persons which is 30,280 hryvnyas ($797) as of 2024. If the cost of training exceeds this amount, the employer or individual pays the difference independently.

To obtain a voucher, applicants can apply online or in person at the nearest employment center. In the case of online applications, the service specialist processes the form and contacts the applicant within three working days from the date of filling in and submitting the application.

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