UK train guard brings cheer with poetic COVID-19 announcement

This UK train guard put a smile on the faces of his passengers with a poem about COVID-19 rules on the train.

The clip, filmed on a Southern Rail train from Clapham Junction in London to Haywards Heath shows a passenger listening to the announcement overhead.

"Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention, this is a message about corona protection. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases but if you follow this advice then it’s easy to please us," the guard can be heard saying.

"You might not be ill but others could be, as a virus like this is not easy to see. You can help us with this task each time you travel by wearing a mask. It’s not a joke as it’s now the law so please ensure that you’ve brought yours.

"Space yourselves out along the train, keep two meters apart and play your part in the game. And when you go to leave the train make sure that distance stays the same. Please remain seated until the service has stopped as this will avoid the doors getting blocked.

"Catch your cough in a nice clean tissue and when you leave the train please take it with you. Find a bin place it in wash your hands, don’t be grim and remember to keep social distancing.

"Help us all to protect each other so we can get back to normal and help the country recover, Stay alert, control the virus, save lives, thank you," he finishes.

Filmer Rachel explained to Newsflare: "There had already been a rather chipper announcement when the train left Clapham so I did wonder if the guy was going to say something else after the next stop, which he did.

"It was really on point considering the climate with coronavirus and at the end when other people clapped it made me smile and I was glad I managed to get it on film!" she continued.