UK supermarkets brace for Euro 2020 final frenzy

The first ever European Championship final for the England football team.

And a first major international final for the men's squad since 1966.

Soccer fever has hit the country ahead of Sunday's (July 11) match against Italy.

And it's leading to soaring demand for beer, soft drinks, salads and barbecue food.

Supermarket supply chains are already creaking from a shortage of lorry drivers, and stores are feeling the additional pressure.

British grocery groups this month warned of gaps on shelves with demand for food and drink exceeding expectations during the month-long soccer tournament.

Families also continue to eat more at home despite the relaxation of restrictions.

Asda, Britain's No.3 supermarket group, predicted it would sell over 45 million packs of beer and more than 1 million pizzas this weekend.

On Sunday alone it estimates it will sell 200,000 individual burgers, equivalent to 19 tonnes.

Sainsbury's said this week that when England played Ukraine in their Euro 2020 quarter final, the group sold around 17 packs of beer a second.

60% higher than an average Saturday.

Britain's government said this week it would relax rules this month for how long truck drivers can work.

As a temporary fix for a severe shortage of qualified operators.

The industry says it's short of about 100,000 drivers, partly due to new immigration controls following Brexit.

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