UK says food plentiful, but supermarkets fret

Long lines forming again at supermarkets in the UK.

That after warnings Monday (December 21) from Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

The country’s two biggest supermarket chains said fresh fruit and vegetables could soon run short.

Supplies are being held up by virus-related travel bans imposed by France and other countries.

That’s seen trucks stuck at ports on either side of the English Channel.

On Tuesday (December 22) ministers said shoppers shouldn’t worry.

They say food supplies are plentiful, and there’s no need for panic buying.

But industry isn’t totally reassured.

The British Retail Consortium, which represents major stores, said there could be gaps on shelves if the transport issue isn’t solved soon.

It said the borders needed to be running smoothly by Wednesday (December 23).

A spokesman pointed out that 70% of the soft fruit eaten by Britons at this time of year comes through Channel ports.

Hopes for a deal have risen.

The BBC cited France’s Europe minister as saying Britain and France would restart freight movement by Wednesday.

It’s thought any deal will involve mass testing for truck drivers.