UK to probe Apple, Google over browser dominance

STORY: U.S. tech giants face yet another probe in Europe.

This time it’s UK regulators looking into Apple and Google.

They want to examine whether the duo are too dominant in mobile browsers.

The Competition and Markets Authority says the two firms “hold all the cards”.

It says that allows them to hold back competitors, limiting choice and shutting out UK rivals.

The regulator says 97% of all mobile browsing in the country last year was done on Apple or Google software.

Apple said it “respectfully disagreed”, saying it had built a safe and trusted product.

Google said its Android operating system offered consumers more choice than any other platform.

The CMA says it is also concerned about Apple’s restrictions on cloud gaming through its app store.

It says the tech giant is blocking the emergence of services which allow games to be streamed rather than downloaded.

The regulator is also taking enforcement action against Google over its app store payment practices.

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