UK PM worried about his dog's romantic urges

Johnson and Carrie Symonds revealed in 2019 that they had adopted a rescued Jack Russell-cross puppy named Dilyn.

"Do you have to worry about his romantic urges?" Johnson asked a police dog handler with an Alsatian. The handler replied: "No, not so much."

"No? Well, our, my dog is, endlessly, on people's legs," Johnson said, as interior minister Priti Patel chuckled.

During the inspection of the police dogs, Johnson praised the dogs.

"They do inspire a certain kind of awe don't they on the streets?" Johnson said. "You know if you were a miscreant you wouldn't want them biting the seat of your pants."

Patel praised the teeth of the dogs.

"And those teeth look pretty good for when, as the prime minister has said, you need to sort of go after someone and nibble," Patel said with a smile.

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