UK parliament tightens security after climate protester breaches

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's parliamentary authorities are tightening security procedures to minimise the risk of protests inside the House of Commons after climate protesters last week glued themselves to the Speaker's chair and warned of more action to come.

"Given the number of protests and campaigns planned for the coming fortnight and drawing on the events of Friday, the Parliamentary Security department and MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) have adjusted their posture accordingly," Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said in a statement to parliament.

London police on Friday arrested six individuals after visitors on a guided tour broke away to stage a protest at the heart of parliament, criticising the way the country is responding to climate change.

Parliament was not in session at the time of the protests.

Protest group Extinction Rebellion said 50 people were involved in the stunt, with some padlocking themselves to railings outside the estate and others unfurling banners within the palace of Westminster.

Commenting on the incident, Hoyle said the right to protest was a fundamental principle of Britain's democracy, but the rights of peaceful process did not extend to "unlawful activity".

"You will all understand why I cannot go into what details and what processes are being put in place," Hoyle said.

(Reporting by Farouq Suleiman; editing by William James)