UK Mum's Ready Meal 'Hack' Baffles Husband but Becomes TikTok Hit

A Milton Keynes woman has seen her method of serving ready meals go viral on TikTok, with footage of her putting together a rice-based dish being viewed over seven million times.

Therese Ryan regularly posts updates from her family’s home life to TikTok where she has over 400,000 followers.

Her food hack, posted October 8, involves cutting right down the center of a ready-made meal featuring one-half rice and what appears to be one-half curry. After separating the two sides, Ryan then empties the rice into a bigger container and adds the sauce-filled mix after.

Ryan told Storyful that her husband “thinks it’s silly”, but to her eyes “it’s a great hack” that “saves you [from] burning yourself and you can pour in separately too”. Credit: Therese Ryan via Storyful

Video transcript