UK man gets sneakers tattooed on feet, says tired of paying for new shoes (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, June 15 — In a bid to have shoes that last forever, a man in the UK decided to get sneakers tattooed onto his feet.

Manchester-based tattoo artist Dean Gunther, 34, made an Instagram post about the inked shoes, saying that his customer was 'tired of paying for shoes every few months”.

Gunther, who is originally from South Africa, said it took him two hours to draw the design onto his customer’s feet.

It then took an additional eight hours to tattoo both feet.

According to The Daily Mail, Gunther found drawing the design freehand to be the most challenging part of the process.

'I had to make sure everything flows with the contours of the body.

'A stencil would not work in this case, so it's all freehand,” he reportedly said.

Social media users were amused by the 'permanent” shoes, with some commending the customer’s bravery for enduring the pain.

'Someone's not going to be able to wear shoes for a month,” said one user in reference to the soreness one experiences with a new tattoo; to which Gunther replied: 'He’s already wearing shoes”.

Gunther’s creation was also shared by the Instagram page Sucky Tattoos, which earned a comment from NY Ink reality show star Chris Torres: 'That’s a GREAT idea...and it doesn’t look stupid at all!”

This is not Gunther’s first strange client request - the artist went viral on TikTok in May for tattooing a six-pack onto a man who was 'tired of spending hours in the gym”.

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