UK lawmakers back Brexit trade deal

"The ayes have it, unlock!"

And with that British lawmakers on Wednesday (December 30) finally voted to approve a trade deal with the European Union, implementing legislation agreed post-Brexit with the EU last week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson signing the deal and with it ending over four years of negotiation and safeguarding nearly a $1 trillion of annual trade.

"I know the question you will be all asking yourselves is have I read it? The answer is yes - I think it's an excellent deal for this country but also for our friends and partners."

Both sides will now be looking to begin a new chapter of relations just days before their divorce becomes official.

The deal has been criticized on several fronts since it was agreed on Dec. 24.

The opposition Labour Party say it is too thin and doesn't protect trade in services.

Fishermen rage that Johnson has sold out their interests, and Northern Ireland's status remains subject to much uncertainty.

Nevertheless, Johnson has won the support of his party's hardline Brexiteers.

Britain formally left the EU nearly a year ago and the new partnership agreement will regulate ties from January 1st on everything from trade to transport, energy links, and fishing.