UK had contingency plan for PM Johnson's death - The Sun

The British government had a contingency plan for the death of Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he was admitted to intensive care with COVID-19 last month.

That's according to Johnson himself in an interview with The Sun newspaper.

The 55-year-old returned to work on Monday (Apr 27) - a month after testing positive.

He was isolated in Downing Street for ten days before being taken to hospital.

Johnson told the newspaper that he quote 'was going through litres and litres of oxygen for a long time'.

The prime minister and fiance Carrie Symonds on Saturday (May 1) announced they named their newborn son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas - partly in tribute to two intensive care doctors called Nicholas who they said saved Johnson's life.

The UK is among the worst hit countries in the world for COVID-19 deaths and Johnson is facing criticism from opposition parties who say his government stumbled in the outbreak's early stages.