UK Girl With Down Syndrome Uses Language Program to Honor International Nurses Day

A five-year-old girl with Down syndrome used a specialized communication program to say the word “nurse” with her mother as a show of appreciation for health care workers on International Nurses Day.

This video shows Nikki Holt and her daughter Lucinda using Makaton to say the word “nurse” for the May 12 holiday. Makaton is a language program utilizing symbols, signs, and speech to strengthen communication skills, according to its website.

Holt told Storyful she and Lucinda post a sign a day on their “Makaton with Lucinda” account to raise awareness for Makaton and Down syndrome.

“It felt important to us to do the sign for nurse today as it’s International Nurses Day – and now more than ever, nurses deserve a huge shout-out and recognition,” she said. Credit: @makatonlucinda via Storyful