UK and EU on brink of a Brexit deal

The UK and EU appear to be on the brink of a Brexit deal that will define thier future relationship.

It's been more than ten months since Britain formally exited the bloc, and talks on a trade deal have gone down to the wire,

with the UK due to leave the single market and customs union at the end of the month.

Sources in London and Brussels said a deal was close,

as Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a late-night conference call with his cabinet of senior ministers.

And negotiators in Brussels pored over reams of legal text.

Key sticking points have been EU fishing rights in UK waters,

as well as how to ensure a level playing field for competition between the two sides.

A deal would avert the prospect of both sides imposing widespread import taxes come January the 1st.

It will also cover issues such as security, transport, and energy.

There's expected to be news conferences in Brussels and London on Thursday morning.