UK driver captures moment fleeing motorcyclist is apprehended by police

A driver in Aylesbury, UK, captured the moment a fleeing motorcyclist was apprehended by a pursuing police officer. Vitor Oliveira's dashcam recorded as the biker sped past with a police officer in hot pursuit. A few moments later Oliveira spotted the fleeing motorcyclist being arrested by the officer at a roundabout. The filmer told Newsflare: "I had just bought some groceries and was heading home. I was alone in the car, I work for 999 Ambulance Service as an emergency medical dispatcher, and I know very well not to breach the COVID-19 rules. "Never seen this happening in Aylesbury. I saw them in my rearview mirror, and head the biker speeding, so I just, indicated and puller over. "You can hear my reaction at the end of the video. "I was well happy. Karma is real, and for once, seeing police catching the bad guys is nice." This footage was filmed on March 28.