UK couple discovers garden ornament 'dummy missile' they've had for 41 years is actually a live bomb

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 — A couple in the UK has been living with a 29kg old missile as a garden ornament for years without knowing it was a live bomb until they were informed by authorities.

Sian and Jeffrey Edwards of Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, had thought it was a dummy bomb with no charge, reported BBC.

The couple were first informed of the matter when a police officer knocked on their door to tell them he had spotted the bomb and would need to alert the Defence Ministry.

They were then told the bomb disposal squad would be coming the next day.

“We didn't sleep a wink all night,” said Jeffrey, 77.

“I told the bomb disposal unit 'we're not leaving the house, we're staying here. If it goes up, we're going to go up with it'.”

According to Jeffrey, the bomb was found by the previous house owner a century ago while delivering lemonade.

“Warships for the Royal Navy used to drop anchor in St Brides Bay and point their guns towards Broad Haven and open fire.

“They used to use the sands for target practice. They'd make sure there was no one on the sands.”

After carting back the bomb, it was placed at the house's front courtyard and had since been painted red to match the window ledges when the Edwards bought the house in 1982.

The bomb was detonated at a disused quarry in Walwyn's Castle after it was covered with five tonnes of sand.