UK Conservative Party lose flagship London council

STORY: Wandsworth, Westminster and Barnet Councils all turned from blue to red, despite Wandsworth’s popularity as a low-tax council.

Felix Morrison, a furniture restorer, said he voted Conservative tactically because they had pledged to keep council tax low in the borough.

Choking up, Daisy Mitchell, 32, told Reuters that she wasn’t able to say goodbye to her grandparent who died during the pandemic.

It was Angus Livingston’s first time voting in Wandsworth, voting Labour.

“I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s who I voted for, especially since I’ve just moved to the area, it’s quite nice that we’ve made a change this quick, for my well being at least,” he said.

For the first time, the opposition Labour Party won the council of Westminster, a district where most government institutions are located. The Conservatives also lost control of the borough of Barnet, which has been held by the party in all but two elections since 1964.

For Marco Moraera, 32, it came down to who might help the most during the cost of living crisis.

“I hope it’s going to change some things in the council, because we need (that). Everything has increased…bills, every kind of bills, supermarket and I think we need a new party to see what’s going to happen,” he said.

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