New UK cabinet is first without white man in top jobs

STORY: All the top jobs in Britain's new PM's cabinet have gone to ethnic minority ministers

Location: London

[Liz Truss, British Prime Minister]

''Good afternoon. I have just accepted her majesty the Queen's kind invitation to form a new government."

It's the first time a white man will not hold one of the UK's four most important ministerial positions

Kwasi Kwarteng is Britain's first Black finance minister

His parents came to the UK from Ghana in the 1960s

James Cleverly is Britain's first Black foreign minister

Cleverly has spoken about being bullied as a mixed-race child

and says the Conservative Party needs to do more to attract Black voters

Suella Braverman succeeds Priti Patel as the second ethnic minority home secretary

Braverman's parents came to Britain from Kenya and Mauritius six decades ago

Still only a quarter of Conservative MPs are women and 6% from minority backgrounds