The UK's best nudist beaches revealed

UK's best nudist beaches, two people on beach. (Posed by models, Getty Images)
The UK's best nudist beaches are waiting for you. (Posed by models, Getty Images)

Brits looking to strip off for a naked trip to the sea can now consult a list of the best naturist beaches across the UK.

Naturism has seen something of a surge recently, with the rise in WFH encouraging many to switch their stuffy work suits for birthday suits.

And 14% of people (the same as 6.75 million adults) in the UK actually describe themselves as naturists or nudists, according to a recent Ipsos survey. This is a huge leap from a similar poll in 2011, which then confirmed the figure at 3.7 million (6%).

"Attitudes to nudity are changing with taboos and stigma being eroded," Dr Mark Bass, president of British Naturism, said of the findings.

"Modern society is weighed down by a body confidence crisis and more and more people are discovering the benefits that nudity brings to mental, emotional and physical health by allowing us to reclaim ownership of our identities."

While some may prefer to head to far-flung destinations to beach it in the buff, with the cost of living crisis still biting, this summer naturists may opt to brave Britain's best instead.

Thankfully, travel experts from My Baggage have explored 11,000 miles of coastline to reveal five of the most popular spots among people who want to bare all on the beach – rain or shine.

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It actually isn't illegal to be nude on any beach in the UK. (Getty Images)

UK's best naturist beaches

Due to our chilly climate, most beaches on the list of places to bare all are down south, (no pun intended), but one official naturist beach in the very north of Scotland has made the list for those brave enough to bare all in nippy temperatures.

Sillery Sands, Devon

Top of the suns-out, buns-out beaches is Sillery Sands, in Devon. While it's a bit of a mission to get to, the secluded space and stunning views more than make up for it.

Located just east of Lynmouth, naturists tend to stay at the north-eastern end of the beach, which has a sandy stretch at low tide and boulders and shingle below the cliffs throughout the day.

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Black Rock Naturist Beach, Brighton

Set just five minutes away from Brighton town centre, this nudist beach is one of the most accessible in the country.

The 200-yard stretch of sand reserved for naturists is at the eastern end of the town, a stones-throw from the marina.

Crakaig Beach, Scotland

Those brave enough to bare all in the cold should give Crakaig Beach in Scotland a visit. The beautiful sandy beach is set on the remote north-west coast of Scotland and backed by low sand dunes and fields.

It is one of only a handful of beaches in Scotland solely dedicated to being a designated, naturist beach.

The beautiful beach at Studland Bay, Dorset, which has a naturist section. (Getty Images)
The beautiful beach at Studland Bay, Dorset, which has a naturist section. (Getty Images)

Studland Beach, Dorset

Whilst this beach has a nudist area, those seeking solitude should probably pass on this pretty beach as it is extremely popular on sunny days.

The nudist beach is marked by posts in the centre mile of a three-mile-long sandy stretch, which is backed by sand dunes and heather.

Swale Naturist Beach, Kent

As well as a mixture of sand and shingles and a large grassy area, the beach also boasts a beautiful view of the coastline.

Naturists tend to set up camp on the grassy area, as it offers a little more shelter from the brisk winds.

There are many beautiful naturist beaches in the UK. (Getty Images)
There are many beautiful naturist beaches in the UK. (Getty Images)

Tips for trying a naturist beach for the first time

Seek out an official naturist beach

While it is perfectly legal to be naked on any public beach across England, Scotland, and Wales for a first visit it's a good idea to visit a beach known to be frequented by naturists.

"Meeting members of the public for the first time naked – whether that be on a walk or a beach – can be concerning for the new naturist as they will be unsure how the public are likely to react," explains naturist Donna Price.

"In our experience most people don’t react badly, but certainly, for new naturists, being naked around clothed people can be a bit daunting."

Follow naturist etiquette

This means keeping your distance, refraining from taking pictures (even selfies), and absolutely no staring.

"Being nude does not mean being lewd, so it is important to respect everyone else on the beach!" says a spokesperson for My Baggage.

Check out facilities in advance

It's worth remembering that because many naturist beaches are off the beaten track, they may not have amenities like toilets or shops.

"So people thinking of giving a nudist beach a try should pack plenty of water, sun cream and snacks," the spokesperson adds.