UK-based man proves flying to Italy and buying a pizza is cheaper than price of UK Domino’s

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Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1 — TikTok star Callum Ryan set himself up for his coolest challenge yet — to fly to Italy and buy a pizza for cheaper than the price of a UK Domino’s.

The UK-based 22-year-old’s mission was to spend less than the cost of a medium size Domino’s.

In his video shared on his TikTok, he showed how he bought a last-minute Ryanair flight for £8 (RM43) and flew to Milan, Italy the next day after departing from London Stansted airport.

Upon arrival in Milan, he used TikTok to find the best place for pizza and headed straight there.

As soon as he was seated, he was served a free glass of prosecco and a piece of what he described as a pizza pesto thing that he concluded was, “Quite nice.”

He then ordered a Margherita pizza and also a beer which didn’t count as it was an optional extra.

After finishing the pizza that he said looked beautiful, it was time to pay for the bill.

The pizza on its own was €8.50 and the table service was €2.50, which meant a total of €11, which converted into £9.72 (RM52).

Adding to that the price of the £8 flight ticket, it means he paid just £17.72 (RM 94) — cheaper than a UK medium Domino’s pizza which costs £19.99 (RM106).

“Which means we did it,” declared a jubilant Ryan. “We flew all the way to Italy and bought a pizza for less than the price of a UK Domino’s pizza.”

@thatonecal Do you think the pizza was worth the trip...? I can’t believe how close it was ???? #thatonecal #milan #pizza #dominos Green Green Grass - George Ezra

He posted: “Do you think the pizza was worth the trip? I can’t believe how close it was.”

People on TikTok were stunned by the bargain, although many were not surprised by the pizza cost in the UK.

One person said: “It still blows my mind that in the British Isles, first that Domino’s is that expensive and second, it’s considered their top tier pizza.”

Another said: “How have Domino’s brainwashed so many into paying those prices? Cheese on toast.”

A third said: “Why is English Domino’s expensive?”

There were also sceptics who asked him how much it cost for everything else, including his travel to the airport and flight home.

Ryan is best known for his TikTok account which has earned over 1.1 million fans.

He is also known for posting comedic videos to the platform and has a self-titled YouTube channel.