The UK has agreed to accept 20,000 Afghan refugees

The UK has agreed to accept 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan as part of a resettlement scheme for those most at risk from the Taliban. The announcement follows the Islamist group’s takeover of Afghanistan. 5,000 Afghans will be admitted into the UK this year under the scheme and up to 20,000 in the long term. The Prime Minister vowed to help the most vulnerable during an emergency debate in parliament to discuss the Afghanistan crisis. Opposition parties say the plans are too vague and do not go far enough. The new plan is on top of an existing scheme for interpreters and other staff who helped British forces during the Afghanistan War. Over 2,052 Afghan nationals have already been given refuge in the UK.Afghans have been desperately trying to flee the country but the Taliban says it will guarantee the safety for those who previously opposed them. The announcement matches Canada which has also agreed to resettle 20,000 Afghans.

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