UK accuses Putin of terrorism, as Britain mourns entire families wiped out in MH17 tragedy

Russia's President Vladimir Putin continued to come under fire from European leaders in the wake of flight MH17 tragedy, with the British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon accusing him sponsoring terrorism.

Fallon joined other Western leaders in telling Putin to get out of Ukraine. Pro-Russian separatists have been accused of firing the BUK missile system which is believed to have hit MH17.

"There will be repercussions if there is evidence that Putin is responsible for the tragedy," Fallon told the Daily Mail. "He has to be clear that the West will act," Fallon (pic) added.

Daily Mail reported that two British families had been wiped out in the tragedy, when the Malaysia Airlines flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was attacked by a surface-to-air missile over easter Ukraine last Thursday.

British lawyer John Allen was described as a brilliant partner in an international law firm, while banker Andrew Hoare was a devoted family man.

Allen was travelling to Indonesia on holiday with his wife, Sandra, and three sons, Christopher, 16, Julian, 14 and Ian, 8, while Hoare was travelling to Malaysia with wife Estella, and their two sons, Jasper, 15, and Friso, 12.

Hoare, 59, who moved to Luxembourg in the 1980s, was described by his brother Hugo as a devoted family man.

His sons, Jasper and Friso, were active in squash and their coach, Nathan Sneyd, who was also shocked by the loss, said he coached the duo at a local squash club in Luxembourg.

Hoare's stepson, Rink Schoofs, 24, was studying in Holland and did not join them on MH17, the Mail reported.

Allen was a partner at law firm Nauta Dutilh in Amsterdam where he had worked 18 years.

"My only brilliant brother, his beautiful wife and three magnificent nephews were lost in the tragedy," his sister Wonder Allen Smith, an artist, told the Mail.

The Allen family lived in Hilversum, a town in northern Holland, after moving there 16 years ago.

Allen's wife, Sandra Martens, was a Dutch national who worked as a teacher.

Their neighbour Trinette Hoofd recalled that she had just spoken to the couple's three children three days ago when they were playing football.

"Sandra was a very busy mother juggling work and kids," said Hoofd.

"They were a beautiful family, beautiful people – lovely looking and polite and friendly," Hoofd said.

"One of the boys, Ian, used to come and do gardening for me. I cannot believe they are gone," she said.

Candies and toys have been left outside the Allen's family three-storey mansion as mourners paid their respects. – July 20, 2014.