UEFA Charges Eintracht Frankfurt After Soccer Fans Seen Making Nazi Salute

Fans of a German soccer team were seen taunting French fans with the Nazi salute at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille, France, during a Champions League group stage match between Olympique de Marseille and Eintracht Frankfurt on September 13.

Video recorded and shared by Twitter user @LaSardineBleue shows two Frankfurt fans making the Nazi salute while heckling Marseille supporters before the game even began.

By night’s end, one German supporter was injured and 17 people were arrested on the sidelines of the game, according to local reports.

Eintracht Frankfurt made an official statement regarding the incident, stating that the football club “dissociates itself completely and utterly from the one isolated incident” and that they “will be conducting a detailed investigation of the events and the behavior of the person involved.”

According to @LaSardineBleue, the incident escalated tensions between the two groups of supporters, and it was reported that fans “launched flares and fireworks at each other before kickoff.”

UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations) has listed disciplinary proceedings that are currently being instigated against both teams, among them one charge against Frankfurt for “racist behavior.” Credit: @LaSardineBleue via Storyful