Udon restaurant operator in Japan apologises after customer finds live frog in meal (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 25 — An udon restaurant chain operator in Japan has apologised to its patrons after a live frog was found in one of its meals.

The operator, Toridoll Holdings Corp, which operates the Marugame Seimen, announced a temporary suspension of some of its take-out products after the find, of which image had gone viral on social media.

“We’re very sorry to the customer we provided the product to, and we deeply apologise for the great worry and trouble we’ve caused,” Mainichi Shimbun quoted the operator as saying.

The company said the frog was found in a take-out ‘Pirikara tantan salad udon’ product sold by its Isahaya branch in Nagasaki Prefecture on May 21.

After the customer who bought the product lodged a complaint, the company retrieved the product. It reported the incident to a public health centre before suspending the product’s sale and its ‘Sesame sauce salad udon’ noodles until today, as a precaution.

The company also said it would conduct on-site inspections at all of its suppliers’ plants handling raw vegetables and tighten its own inspection system.

Before the company’s announcement, a Twitter user, believed to be the patron who bought the tainted meal, had posted an image and a video of the find.

Using the handle @kaito09061, the user shared they only found the green amphibian as they were about to finish the meal.