Uber wants more people to commute to work by waterway

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Thames Clippers to be rebranded as Uber Boat later this summer
Thames Clippers to be rebranded as Uber Boat later this summer

London commuters will be able to start using a Uber-branded boat service to get to work later this summer as the ride-hailing firm has partnered with Thames Clippers to launch its first commuter boat service.

Thames Clippers' revealed this week that it would be revealing more details about the partnership with Uber later this summer that aims to "link the two travel modes of river and road" and open "up more of London to fast, reliable journeys by water," in the words of Sean Collins, Thames Clippers' co-founder and CEO.

The initiative will see Thames Clippers vessels rebranded as Uber Boat by Thames Clippers.

Customers will be able to book a commute through the Uber app. They can then board one of 20 river boats that are expected to make up the Uber Boat fleet using a QR code. Thames Clippers piers, which will also be rebranded, span Putney to Woolwich. The partnership is expected to last three years.

This is the latest move by Uber to stem recent losses from the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting stay-at-home orders across the world. Recently, the company acquired the food delivery service Postamtes to diversify its offerings, as a delivery service is a significantly more relevant service in the coronavirus era than ride sharing.

Currently, the Thames Clippers boats that will be rebranded as Uber Boats are operating after being shut down until June 15 amid COVID-19 worries. Once these vehicles bear the Uber brand name, customers will be able to book services through the Uber mobile app.