UAE app sets children up on playdates

STORY: Would you set up a playdate for your child via an app?

Location: Dubai, UAE

Play:Date is a family friendly app

that helps children aged 0-12 meet new friends

(Founder, Shamim Kassibawi) "We came up with the concept of family to family because if you think about it, when you set up a playdate, you are two different families coming together, so another one of our challenges or another kind of profile that we saw, are families who want their child to learn a new language or want them to stick to their origin, so they want them to kind of learn their original language. It could be the dad that is setting up the play date, it's 2022, dads set up playdates as well."

Parents can build profiles for their kids

based on their languages, interests and schedules

Users then swipe until they match with another family

Play:Date is currently connecting families in the UAE, U.S. and the UK

(Mother, Shonali Lihala) “In the app you can meet parents, if you are looking for somebody with the same parenting style, then that is an option for you as well. I am happy to meet moms of all parenting styles, but sometimes you want a judgement free environment and this app helps you do that."