U.S. woman jailed for mother's Bali murder is released

An American woman convicted of helping to kill her mother in Indonesia was released from prison on Friday.

Heather Mack was jailed in 2015, along with her boyfriend, for murdering her mother on the island of Bali and stuffing her remains in a suitcase.

Mack has served just seven years of a ten year sentence for being an accessory to murder.

The head of Kerobokan Women's prison said Mack had received a 34-month remission.

She described how she took the news of her imminent release:

"She (Mack) was a little shocked, sad, confused and afraid, but we always gave her encouragement. 'Come on Heather, you must be like Heather in prison!' She is a good person, because inside she always does coaching, she worships in church because she is a Christian and she is our icon for fashion shows in prison."

Mack's boyfriend Tommy Schaefer is still serving an 18 year sentence for premeditated murder.

During the court case, he said he killed Sheila von Wiese-Mack in self-defense after she attacked him because she objected to the couple's relationship.

Von Wiese-Mack's body was found at a hotel with bruises on her arms and broken fingers.

Evidence submitted to court included CCTV footage showing Schaefer and Heather Mack speaking to a taxi driver after dropping the bloodied suitcase.

Mack is now expected to be deported to the U.S.

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