U.S. urges Mexico to clear migrant camps -sources

The U.S. has urged Mexico to clear makeshift camps along the border, where thousands of migrants are vulnerable to crime and unsanitary conditions.

That’s according to official sources that told Reuters the White House is also concerned about the sheer number of people who could jeopardize security if they made a sudden rush for the border.

The Reynosa camp sits across the border from McAllen, Texas and is home to at least 2,500 people.

It's also a hot spot for cartel recruitment, as many of the migrants fled Central America out of desperation in search of a better life.

The officials emphasized the importance of eradicating conditions that encouraged that recruitment.

U.S. President Joe Biden has faced criticism for a jump in illegal crossings.

Apprehensions or expulsions by U.S. agents have more than doubled since he took office earlier this year.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the White House declined to comment. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry did not reply to requests.

The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this week ordered Biden to revive the Trump administration so-called "remain in Mexico” policy, which forces asylum seekers to stay in Mexico as they await U.S. hearings.

That decision has alarmed Mexican officials, who struggle to curb migration as it is.

Mexico has stepped up its efforts to transport migrants back home in the past few weeks by flying them to the southern tip of the country by plane.

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