U.S. sends Venezuelan migrants back to Mexico

STORY: "It doesn't matter where they deport me. I will return because I want the well-being of my children, for them to be able to study to have the education I never had," said Tovar. "I want the president of the United States to give me the opportunity to be there."

According to the Mexican authorities, about 100 Venezuelans who had crossed by land into the United States were expelled to Mexico's Ciudad Juarez.

The United States said on Thursday (January 5) it would expand restrictions to rapidly expel Cuban, Nicaraguan and Haitian migrants caught illegally crossing the border.

Venezuelans by the millions have left the South American country in recent years, fleeing corruption, economic hardship and political upheaval. Those trekking over land toward the United States have an arduous route through Central America and then into Mexico.

Numerous advocacy groups have said they are disappointed by the changes under the new policy that they say differentiate unfairly based on nationality and expand the use of a U.S. expulsion order that limits asylum access.