U.S. returns to Italy looted antiquities worth $19 million

STORY: Location: New York

[Lisa Delpizzo/ Chief of the Trial Division/ Manhattan District Attorney]

"Today we are repatriating 58 antiquities, to their home country of Italy.”

New York City is returning looted antiquities worth $19 million to Italy

The returned items included a drinking cup called ‘White-Ground Kylix’

'The Marble Head of Athena'

as well as vases, platters and other kitchenware

[Colonel Matthew Bogdanos/ Chief of the antiquities trafficking unit/ Manhattan District Attorney]

"One of the most extraordinary pieces is this 'Head of Athena.' Again, if you want to place a dollar value on it, if you must, at least $3 million. This was on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With the help of the Carabinieri [Italian police], we were able to determine that this was, in fact, looted by one of Italy's trafficking networks. And we are privileged to return it today."