U.S. Navy engineer charged with selling secrets

A U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and his wife have been charged with selling secret information about the navy's submarine program, and were caught by an FBI operation.

Jonathan Toebbe is said to have passed a package of restricted data to an unidentified foreign country last year, according to the Justice Department.

Later he began selling information to an undercover FBI agent posing as a foreign operative for payments in cryptocurrency, totaling $100,000.

Court documents say that at one point he hid a digital memory card containing sensitive information on nuclear submarine reactors in half a peanut butter sandwich. The sandwich was left at a "dead drop" in West Virginia, while his wife, Diana, acted as a lookout. Another was hidden in a pack of chewing gum.

Authorities say the couple are from Annapolis, Maryland and were arrested during one of their drops in West Virginia.

They're being charged with violating the Atomic Energy Act.

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