U.N. envoy says Haitian PM to remain for now

"Prime Minister Joseph is the prime minister of Haiti, and he is such per Article 149 of the current constitution, the 1987 constitution, which states that in the event of the death of a president, the current government assumes executive powers and that the prime minister presides over this group, gives them guidance and they take Haiti to elections and a new, elected president of Haiti," La Lime told reporters via a remote video conference.

Moise's death has generated confusion about who is the legitimate leader of the country of 11 million people, which shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic.

La Lime said Joseph told her on Wednesday (July 7) that he intends to stick to a plan to hold a first round of parliamentary and presidential elections on Sept. 26 with a second round in November.

"There certainly are tensions," La Lime said.

"There are certainly people on all sides of this issue, having different interpretations of Article 149. That's why it's important that dialogue happens and that the Haitian authorities and Haitian stakeholders have a dialogue so that a way forward can be started, one that gives the people of Haiti the opportunity to decide who their next government is."

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