U.S. and Mexico resume economic talks halted by Trump

Vice President Kamala Harris noted much has happened since the last high-level economic talks, which former President Donald Trump ditched after he accused Mexico of sending criminals over the border.

She said COVID has undermined the global economy while climate change and cyberattacks have threatened supply chains, requiring a unified response between the two countries.

The talks come as the two sides seek to find solutions to a number of controversial issues, including automotive rules requiring certain amounts of parts to be sourced in North America and the court-ordered resumption of the "Stay in Mexico" program, which sends asylum seekers outside the United States while their cases are processed.

Mexico and the United States have agreed on four pillars of focus for the high-level talks, and will approve an agenda on Thursday.

The first pillar is “building back together," including a more resilient supply chain and modernizing the U.S.-Mexico border.

The second is sustainable economic and social development in southern Mexico and Central America, a key policy aimed at tackling the economic causes that drive immigration to the United States.

The final two pillars deal with cybersecurity and workforce development.

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