U.S. forces quit main base in Afghanistan

American troops pulled out of their main military base in Afghanistan on Friday.

Leaving behind a piece of the World Trade Center they buried there 20 years ago.

Though a few more troops have yet to withdraw from another base in the capital Kabul in the coming days, the Bagram pullout brings an effective end to the longest war in American history.

The base, an hour's drive north of Kabul, was where the U.S. military coordinated its air war and logistical support for its entire Afghan mission.

It was also where the CIA ran a "black site" detention center for terrorism suspects and subjected them to abuse that President Barack Obama subsequently acknowledged as torture.

Earlier this week, the top U.S. commander, General Austin Miller, told journalists in Kabul that civil war for Afghanistan was a possibility - with Taliban fighters sweeping into districts around the country in recent weeks as foreign troops flew home.

The Taliban thanked them for leaving.

And Kabul residents welcomed the withdrawal.

"The Americans must leave Afghanistan and there should be peace in this country."

"God willing, there will be peace in this country. We want peace until the end."

An Afghan official said the base would be handed over to the government at a ceremony on Saturday (July 3).

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