U.S. chief justice pauses Trump tax returns fight

STORY: The top judge in the U.S. says a House committee can’t get their hands on former President Donald Trump’s tax returns - at least for now.

An order from Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday temporarily blocked the lawmakers’ request so the Supreme Court can take a closer look at an emergency request from Trump.

Trump claims the Democratic-led Ways and Means committee is politically motivated.

A lower court has said the panel is justified in wanting to see the tax materials - but Trump’s attorneys are preparing an appeal.

The legal fight goes back to 2019 when the committee sued Trump.

It invoked a law empowering the chairman to request anyone’s tax returns.

Trump was the first president in four decades years not to release his tax returns...

And he has fought vigorously to keep the details around his wealth and his Trump Organization secret.

His lawyers say the lower court decision would make presidents vulnerable to so-called “invasive” demands from political opponents… and undermine the separation of powers in government.

They say the committee wants to expose Trump’s tax information just for the sake of exposure and dig up politically damaging information about him.

House Democrats say they need to see if the Internal Revenue Service is properly auditing presidential returns and to figure out if new legislation is needed.

Roberts ordered the committee to respond to Trump’s bid by November 10.

That’s two days after the midterm elections….

where Trump’s fellow Republicans are seeking to take control of Congress.

Trump himself is mulling over another presidential run in 2024.