U.S. blacklists Chinese chipmaker SMIC

U.S. President Donald Trump is tightening the screws on China in his final weeks in office. The U.S. on Friday said it’ll add chipmaker SMIC and dozens of other Chinese companies to its trade blacklist.

Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross said his department would – in his words – “not allow advanced U.S. technology to help build the military of an increasingly belligerent adversary.” He said in a Fox Business interview the U.S. is adding 77 companies and affiliates to its so-called entity list – 60 of them are Chinese. That designation would force those companies to seek a special license from the Commerce Department before a U.S. supplier could send it key goods.

At a Friday press conference, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Beijing would continue to take what he called “necessary measures” to protect the rights of Chinese companies:

"We urge the U.S. to cease its mistaken behavior of unwarranted oppression of foreign companies.”

SMIC did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Its shares fell Friday in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Other Chinese companies previously added to the list include telecom equipment giants Huawei and ZTE.