U.S. adds Chinese, Russian firms to blacklist

U.S. President Donald Trump is strengthening his successor, Joe Biden's, hand when it comes to China.

The Trump adminstration published on Monday a list of Chinese and Russian companies which it accuses of having military ties.

Firms on the list will be restricted from buying a wide range of U.S. goods and technology.

The list names 103 entities - 58 are designated under China, and the rest are tied to Russia.

It follows the addition of dozens of Chinese companies to another U.S. trade blacklist last Friday, including China's top chipmaker SMIC, as well as the the drone maker DJI.

This new list is likely to further inflame tensions with Beijing, which in November accused Washington of suppressing Chinese companies.

The U.S. government has grown increasingly concerned about China's "military-civil fusion," a policy meant to build up Beijing's military might in lockstep with technological strides.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross maintained on Monday that the list helped exporters screen their customers for military end users.

Tensions between the U.S. and China escalated this year due to the global health crisis, the crackdown in Hong Kong, and Beijing's territorial disputes in the South China Sea.