U.S. to provide $2 billion more in aid to Ukraine

STORY: It includes, “additional unmanned aerial systems and counter UAS and electronic warfare detection equipment, as well as critical ammunition stocks for artillery and precision firing capabilities,” he said.

That new equipment and training being provided to Ukrainian forces, “gives the Ukrainians the capabilities they need not only to defend but also to go on the offensive on their timeline in order to change the equation on the battlefield,” Ryder said.

The weapons will come from a fund known as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which allows the Biden administration to get weapons from industry rather than from U.S. weapons stocks.

In a statement marking the anniversary, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the United States had committed more than $32 billion in military aid over the past year to Ukraine, including 8,500 Javelin anti-armor systems and 38 HIMARS.

The additional military aid did not include F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine has requested, but does include more ammunition for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and a number of different types of drones including Switchblades and the CyberLux K8.

The U.S. also announced new sanctions against Russia and its allies, new export controls and tariffs aimed at undermining Moscow's ability to wage war.