Typhoon Nalgae submerges homes and trees in the Philippines

Homes and trees were submerged by severe flooding from Typhoon Nalgae which killed at least 45 people in the Philippines. Footage shows wooden structures floating on the massive deluge along with uprooted coconut trees in Aklan province on October 27. Mum-of-two Love Sanchez said she lost her home after immediately fleeing their village with her children. She said: ‘Nothing was left to us. I only have my family now. I don't know how we could start from scratch. My kids are still in school.' State weather bureau PAGASA said the trough of the storm is affecting the country's central and southern regions. The official death toll rose to 72 by Saturday morning, following severe floods and landslides in southern provinces, but was later revised to 45, with the government blaming earlier overcounting by local authorities. Tens of thousands more have been evacuated or fled their homes. Tropical storm Nalgae, locally named Paeng, strengthened into a typhoon as it made landfall. Agency spokesman Bernardo Rafaelito Alejandro told local media on Saturday that Maguindanao province was the most affected.