Tyler Hubbard Proves He Isn't Leaving with Third Solo No. 1: 'Bit of the Pressure's Been Taken Off' (Exclusive)

"Career and music and all that is not promised," the country star tells PEOPLE. "And so, I definitely want to invest in things that I know will always be here"

  • Tyler Hubbard is celebrating his third solo No. 1

  • "Back Then Right Now" is the latest song to hit the milestone

  • "Career and music and all that is not promised," the singer-songwriter tells PEOPLE

Tyler Hubbard was happily exhausted.

"I flew back from Arizona late last night after the show, and then went to our daughter's kindergarten graduation this morning and then got on a plane and flew back to Arizona," a weary Hubbard, 37, tells PEOPLE in a recent interview. "So, I just got back here."

It's a juggling act that the multi-platinum-selling country hitmaker and father of three has long perfected in recent years, as the former Florida Georgia Line member pursues a solo career while doing his best to keep his priorities straight when it comes to his family.

"She did so great," continues Hubbard of 6-year-old daughter and recent graduate Olivia.  "They had 'em all dressed up and just brought everybody up to say a little something nice. It was cute."

(Hubbard and wife Hayley also also parents to sons Luca, 4½, and Atlas, 3½.)

<p>Jimmy Fontaine</p> Tyler Hubbard

Jimmy Fontaine

Tyler Hubbard

Hubbard continues to live for moments such as these, no matter what is happening in his professional life. "You hear it all the time, how fast time goes by and all that, and it's just so true," he says. "It's about trying to make the most of each day and just live in the moment because it sure does fly by. We're in a sweet season, so we're just trying to take it all in as much as we can."

The Georgia native draws in a deep breath.

"Career and music and all that is not promised," he says quietly. "And so, I definitely want to invest in things that I know will always be here."

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Thankfully, Hubbard’s solo career also finds itself in the sweetest of seasons, as the singer/songwriter is coming off his third No. 1 single "Back Then Right Now" and getting ready for a possible next one in the form of “Park,” which he wrote alongside Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Canaan Smith.

"It feels like 'Park' is one of the songs on the album that the fans are really loving," says Hubbard, who now serves as the only artist to start two separate careers with at least three consecutive No. 1s. "And the live reaction to 'Park' is also an indication of how well it's doing. It's been a lot of fun. The song just seems like it takes the energy of the show to the next level. There's nothing like it [at country radio] at the moment. It just feels like a fun one."

Granted, there was a time when Hubbard admits that he wasn’t sure he could do any of this alone. "I think there's always a little bit of fear when you're stepping into an unknown, but there's also excitement and growth," Hubbard says. "With this third No. 1, it does sort of feel like a little bit of the pressure's been taken off and I kind of am in familiar waters now. It feels a little less unknown, and so it's a little less fearful."

Making his internal mental waters even smoother is the fact that Hubbard’s current album Strong seems to be filled to the brim with additional prospective singles, including the ultra-sweet “Take Me Back” and the sexy “Summer Talkin'."

"I've always tried to really just stack albums full of songs that I could be excited to sing forever," says Hubbard. "And that's kind of how I approach singles because once a song is a single, it's sort of set in stone. That's part of your story, that's part of your journey, and you really invest a lot in the songs. So, I try to just stack albums full of songs that I would be proud to do that for."

<p>Jimmy Fontaine</p> Tyler Hubbard

Jimmy Fontaine

Tyler Hubbard

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And yes, a solo headlining tour in the States is now right around the corner, as Hubbard preps to embark on his headlining Strong World Tour starting in September.

"The fact that we are going to get to go back and play these more intimate clubs that aren't the big arenas actually gets me really excited," says Hubbard, who currently finds himself out on the road with Kane Brown as part of his In the Air Tour. "I've played a lot of arenas over the last eight years and not a whole lot of the clubs and stuff, but that's where I fell in love with live music the first time."

Certainly, it's a new day for Hubbard, his family, and his fans.

"It feels good to reconnect with the FGL fans and the new fans in a different way," he says. "I'm in a different season of life and to get to kind of mature and grow with the fans has been really cool. I can even feel a younger, next generation of fans starting to come up."

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