Tyler Cameron Encourages Others to Become Organ Donors Through Intimate Video of His Mom's Final Moments

Shannon Barbour
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From Cosmopolitan

  • Tyler Cameron posted a video of his family's final moments with his mother, Andrea Cameron, before she died in February.
  • He did it to encourage others to become organ donors.

On February 29, Tyler Cameron's mom, Andrea Cameron, passed away after the Bachelorette contestant tweeted that he would have to cancel an upcoming TV appearance due to a family emergency. Since her passing, Tyler has understandably only posted about his mom once, saying, "She will live on through us and through those that she has had an impact on." But this afternoon, Tyler posted a heartbreaking and intimate video of his family's final moments with Andrea in the hopes it would encourage others to become organ donors like his mom was.

The video was of his family doing a "walk of honor" and following closely behind his mom as she was wheeled into surgery to donate her liver to someone in need before she passed. Tyler wrote:

"We did the walk of honor with her as she proceeded to the OR to have surgery to donate her organs, so she could give her final gift here on this earth, more life...We just went through one of the most difficult times of our lives in the Cameron family. We lost our rock, our nucleus, and the one who gave us a home."

Of course, this is an incredibly difficult time for Tyler and his family and he had a hard time deciding if he should post the video, but knowing his mom donated her organs to help someone else before she died provides some comfort. Tyler also said he hopes this video will encourage others to become organ donors. He added:

"I also thought that if I could share this video with y’all, that it could possibly get others to say yes to donating there organs and that’s what my momma would have wanted. The statistics show that people believe in the process but are not willing to check yes. This process helped our family find a positive light in a very dark time. Our mother now lives on through me and my brothers but also to the man she was able to give more life to. My mom would do anything to impact the world in a positive way and these are her final ways of doing it."

You can read Tyler's full caption on his Instagram:

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