Two young Malaysia women arrested after stowaway found inside car trying to leave Singapore

Two Malaysian women are under arrest after being caught by the Singaporean Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) trying to smuggle a male out of the city state.

Authorities report that the bust occurred Monday evening, when a 28-year-old Malaysian driver, along with her 33-year-old passenger, attempted to leave Singapore from the Woodlands Checkpoint in a Malaysian vehicle.

ICA officials performed an inspection on the car, asking the woman to open the boot, and found a 31-year-old Bangladeshi national cramped inside. The male stowaway did not have any travel documents with him when he was found.

All three are now under arrest, while the ICA investigates the circumstances surrounding the crime, where illegal entry carries a jail term of up to six months, and a minimum of three cane strokes, and illegal departures carry not only a potential six-month incarceration, but also an RM3,000 (SG$1,000/US$750) fine.

Those who are found guilty of human trafficking out of the island state face stern jail terms, lasting anywhere between two to five years, and at least three strokes of the cane. Oh, and they lose the car they tried to ride off on.

Crime doesn’t pay, y’all!

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